Making the Move: Creative Liberty & Moving Off of Etsy

Hello Everyone!

WOW has this been a crazy few months! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our new site and shop, your continued support and interest in our products is so encouraging and important to everyone here at Storybook Craft Co.!

I have had a lot of curiosity regarding why we made the choice to move to our own platform when we were doing so well on Etsy, so I thought I would shed a little light on that for those of you who I know were wondering.

Etsy is a fantastic place for someone whose products are unknown to get started. It is easy to set up a shop, easy to advertise, easy to get paid. You have a built in source of constant traffic and an excellent way for folks to save your things to come back to later. Anyone going to Etsy is looking for something unique and handmade, and if your products fit their needs, they are ready to make a purchase. I will always be thankful to Etsy for helping get Storybook Craft Co. off the ground.

However, there are downsides that a lot of folks don't talk about. For one thing, each shop front on Etsy looks virtually the same. There aren't many ways to make your shop stand out from others, you just have to hope that your items show up in the right searches and that your five allotted thumbnails look better than the competiton's do. There are also a lot of hidden fees associated with selling on Etsy which can add up very quickly. Additionally, your items are only listed on one selling platform with no way of cross posting to other platforms without opening a separate account with another site or sites, which can get confusing when you try to keep track of it all. This can seriously hinder business expansion, and this business is one that is, in fact, expanding quite rapidly.

We opened this new site, starting (terrifyingly) from the ground up again, in the hopes that our former customers, who we dearly love and appreciate (you, dear reader!), would support us here as well as there. Here, we have complete creative control over how to present our products to you. You will get to see more photos of things, and we have the ability to list more or less unlimited amounts of new things without being charged for every single listing individually. Yes, this is a huge and scary step for us, but it is also a very, very exciting one!! Thank you for joining us!!

Here on this wonderful new site, it is our goal to bring you the products and service you loved about our old shop, with even more great features and themes beside! You can now shop by theme or by item, and there are pages where you can find out where to buy from us in person or customize an order. Our prices are all the same, and we are hoping to expedite our processing time to get you things more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

So please, take a look around, share our site with your friends, and check back often as our inventory will be updated and expanded every single week! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to email us at


Much Love!

The Storybook Craft Co. Team